Follow Up & In Home Care

What to Expect:

To insure your comfort during the procedure, we use long-lasting anesthetics. You may be numb for several hours after your procedure.

While you are numb, please avoid foods that require chewing. You may want to have soup or smoothies.

You can expect some mild soreness, which can be usually managed with Ibuprofen every 4-6 hours or Tylenol every 8 hours, not to exceed 3000mg in 24 hour period.

Our staff will do a follow-up call the next day to check on you. Any question please do not hesitate to call our office.

Follow-up with your dentist as indicated below:

After the Root Canal System has been permanently sealed, the endodontic treatment is complete.
However, if the outer surface is sealed with a temporary restoration, you must follow-up with your general dentist for permanent restoration.

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